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Burn it $2 Earn It Health and Wellness

When it comes to fitness and nutrition and investing in yourself what better way to get motivated.  You've come to a place where getting fit can pay off literally 2x (twice) for you.  The "Burn It $2 Earn It" Fitness challenge gives the participant the opportunity to earn while they burn.  Simple enough said.  We'll take a closer look below. 


Challenge Defined:

With many individuals becoming healthier and more functional at an elevated age, the industry of fitness and nutrition have become a strong contender in body augmentation offering better safety and more effective method's to employ and engage in however; because so many people do not take advantage of this very knowledge they fail to ever achieve the bodies they've sought after.  Fitness today has several meanings to so many people the complete argument as to not only what is the best form of fitness but ultimately what is the safest and quickest way to become your absolute healthiest is still being debated.


Whatever your approach, it should be challenging enough to stimulate results and healthy enough to motivate and inspire more positive outcomes but safe enough to keep as a position of wellness in your busy and exciting life.




The "Burn it $2 Earn it" initiative is a (multi-week) structured program designed to gather information from a live audience in a short period of time.  The design is to gather health-related data to continue to determine a partial psychology of the health and wellness industry.  The program generally runs in 6-week increments featuring exercise, nutrition, commentary through group social feeds, and statistical analysis of a small percentage of ongoing participants.  With the data the is collected, we are able to continue building quality fitness programming with up-to-date literature and offer in return better quality feedback to our client/customers.

To get started just select the link on this page to begin registration.  Download the "Burn it t$2 Earn it" fitness agreement" register today to get started.

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