Meet the Coach


Synergy in Motion… for a Purpose… for a better Life!




Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Shawn Bennett / N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and iCore specialist, Martial Arts Instructor and lecturer, Amateur INBF Body Builder Expert Fitness Advisor and Certified Personal Fitness Trainer. I currently hold two Personal Trainers Certificates.  My mission is to improve the overall health of each individual for the most proficient tasks at hand…LIFE!


I am honored and thankful to you for taking time out of your busy schedule to find out more about who I am.  My reason for communicating with you is to inform you of my new studio and services located in Westchester, White Plains, NY.  I have been operating under a modest profile to offer my services for those who need me the most, the physically recovering, elderly and those looking to improve their daily lives through education as well as structured movement.  But not just to these two groups but to all that are seeking to improve their daily lives.

My services have been utilized by all types of individuals looking to get in shape or return to a condition that restored their healthiest condition.  One of our specialty services is core strength development.  Most of our clients realize the value of having a healthy core and without it they experience injury and lower quality of life.  My specialty is I-Core Training (Integrated Core Training) this certification has been obtained through NASM the “National Academy of Sports Medicine”, which is highly respected in the health and fitness industry.   With the addition of ICore Training, I have been able to rehabilitate and enhance over 95% of my clients whom have come to utilize my services to show above average improvements in daily life and specific activity and or sport, work and entertainment.

My message to you and your professional services is that there is someone out there who is ready and willing to assist you with your fitness efforts and needs.  I wish to offer all my clients with their important aftercare and daily fitness endeavors.  My facility is located in White Plains, NY and I am certainly not above traveling out to meet and assist you.  I offer to those that do not have access to a wellness center the amenities of training privately and discretely be it in home or studio.  I can assure you of your success within a private and comfortable setting conducive to your progress to become better enabled at getting and staying on target with all your health and wellness goals.

My mission is to be the intermediate force that acts as not only a trainer but advisor to my client’s health and wellness goals.  I have studied extensively and do so continuously.  I have trained numerous clients, with and without disabilities or injuries.  My main goals are to train and educate my clients on the importance of health and wellness, nutrition, physical movement and overall health awareness.  My study is continual and extensive. I am constantly researching and enhancing my services so my clientele have the best industry information available them.  My motto is a happy client is a healthy client and a healthy client is a well informed client.  Productivity is only as good as the individuals whom are informed and educated to understand the alternatives and the realities of knowledge begets power.  I go beyond the love of information to inform my clients that life is life and while we can’t beat life we should be most informed to know that we have power in understanding how to make it more enhanced.

My goal and challenge to you and your families is to inform you that I can be that ally in the fight to exceptional health and as a go between when a client can no longer afford enough time or perhaps is looking for additional support outside and along side of traditional services.  My rates are well with the spectrum of affordability.  My reach is accessible and my passion for fitness health and wellness is ever expanding.  With my services as an ally to you, Lets’ keep America healthier, wealthier and wiser.

Fitness 4 Life!

The following are a list of services offered and or provided:
*I-Core Training (Integrated Core Training)*
Personal Fitness Training (In Studio/ on Location (Home/Work) etc.)
Group Fitness Training (Boot Camp/Reboot Camp/Spring Training/)
Pro Stretch Therapy
Balance & Stability Training/Reconditioning
Professional Fitness Advisor (The Who, What, Where, When, How & Why) of Fitness on Call, In studio Seminar/Lectures
Fitness & Wellness Retreats
Family Fitness Endeavors (Consult/Structured Groups)
Corporate Health & Wellness Fit Programming (Web Based |Intranet)
Online Fitness Forums
Email correspondence
Text Based Lectures & Seminars (smart Phone capable)
General Nutrition Selection services
Food 2 Fuel Conversion program

To date, these are what we currently provide service and support for and are continuously working to add programs to better educate and offer the community at large.  Our motto again is “happy client is a healthy client and a healthy client is a well informed client.”

Presidents/Vice Presidents of Banking institutions
Dentists/Dental Hygienists
Teachers / Professors / Students (college, High school/grade school)
Doctors, Neural Surgeons
Physical Therapists
Psycho Analysts, Psychotherapists
Actors, Models, Dancers, Choreographers
Athletes (Professional / Amateur Ranks)
Moms, Dads, Grandmothers, and Grandfathers, Clergy etc.