Schettino, Lisa

14 years as a client

I have been training with Shawn Bennett for the past (14) years. He is a trainer that has not only taught me how to exercise, but he has also taught me how to make positive changes in my life. I have realized that a physical trainer does not just teach you how to workout but also advises you in many other ways as well.


Shawn has taught me to change the way I eat permanently. I no longer go on crazy diets, but I have learned to make more healthy choices and still have a treat without feeling guilty since I will work it off! A positive state of mind has everything to do with training and making changes in your life.

Shawn has also taught me to realize that I am important and that it is not selfish to put yourself first, especially when it comes to your health. By learning this, I have become a better mom and wife. After all if you don’t take care of yourself, how can you be a good wife and mom and take care of others? My family and friends have all seen a big change in my attitude. I am definitely more positive and confident that I could accomplish my goals.

Shawn is truly dedicated to his clients and truly cares about seeing you get the results you want and need. It takes hard effort or should He say “challenging” work, but he pushes me to my limits, which is the change I needed in order to become more fit and meet my weight loss goals.

In the past, I had exercised for months on my own but I was not challenging my body or my mind enough. Shawn is constantly instructing on new exercises that involve my total core, balance, and strength zones continuously. He does this because he understands how this will keep my body off balance and be forced to adapt and keep making changes. This constant change is what helped me to finally “Trick” my body to lose the weight and to maintain my fitness.


What I also really love about Shawn’s style of training is the fact that he demonstrates all of the movements and does them with me to make sure I’m performing them correctly. Exercises that involve balance and multiple movements are the biggest challenge for me but I have improved so much. Shawn has truly been a teacher, a motivator, and a health advisor. He has taught me not be afraid of hard work! Or working out!

If you work hard and keep challenging yourself you will truly see positive results and achieve your goals!