A Fitness Adviser is a professional who renders health, wellness, nutrition, physical instructions, time management skills as well as personal training support services to individuals and groups and or businesses. Ideally, the Fitness Adviser helps the client maintain the desired balance of investment time and activity with the desired outcome of his/her projected level of accomplishment towards a healthy active and productive life, by incorporating the usage of health and wellness, nutrition, physical instructions, activity and to a high degree, education and fun into the life of their client.
The acceptable levels of risk is often discussed in the terms that a client will utilize options that will eliminate certain behaviors and or habits that are problematic and detrimental to their overall investment.  Because time is a high factor to consider for any client that seeks the attention and knowledge of a Professional Fitness Adviser, Time management skills are conducted and routinely checked to ensure the client is capable of living up to his/her investment criteria.

Professional Fitness Advisers use tracking charts, nutritional progression tables, points and or the point system, options, futures, notes and insurance products to meet the needs of their clients.  Many Professional Fitness Advisers receive a commission payment for the various fitness investment products and solutions they are capable of delivering back to their clients although “fee-based” planning is becoming increasingly popular in the industry.  A further distinction should be made between “fee-based” i.e. they charge fees and collect commissions, and “fee-only” advisers.  Fee-Only advisers receive 100% of their compensation directly from their clients and have no conflicts between their own interests and those of the clients created by commissions or referral fees paid by other products or service providers.