Enrollment Information

UTC-A.M.P.E.D Fitness and Nutrition Services “Boot Camp” Initiative

Basic Urban Development Defense Strategy Systems
Urban Tactical Conditioning/Combative
Applied Martial Physics Exercise and Defense

Mailings to Clients:
You will receive several important mailing from UTC-AMPED during the tenure with our associated training and conditioning services which will provide invaluable source of important information.  These emails will be in support of the on going support from our services.  We use this form of interactive data gathering as well as communications to ensure everyone is in the loop with training and education. 

1st Quarter Programs Orientation:
Orientation is on week of scheduled events that will be administered to each candidate client in group fashion.  These events will enable you to better understand the true nature and value of our program so you will always get the most from our services.

Tuition Billing:
The office of client accounts will provide itemized statements or reports at each completion of training segments.  You will undergo review to wards your abilities and efforts while engaged in training and conditioning periods.  This is critical to deliver information that will be utilized to further your progression with our services.

Student Schedules:
Scheduling will consist of weekly and monthly reviews that will allow each client to commit to participation during the duration of training phases.


Studio / Campus:
UTC-AMPED campus/studio is limited in its capacity to house all clients, there will be weekly team meetings and audio /video conferences for each client to continue to participate on a continued basis.  We are working hard to increase participation and staying on schedule with target goals..

Fitness Agreement - Download